Frequently Asked Questions

What is FlappyFail?

FlappyFail is a place where users can post their funny Flappy Bird stories anonymously for others to read and comment on. If you ever need to just get something about Flappy Bird off your chest, this is the only place to go. Only the funniest stories hit the front page, so make sure you have something good to tell!

"They are overusing it." — Dong Nguyen

How does it work?

If you have a story that you'd like to share, simply visit the submission page and post it! After you post it, it will show up on the upcoming page. If enough people think it's funny, it will make it to the front page, where everyone can see it. Lots of new submissions will hit the front page each day, so be sure to check back often for new material.

Why hasn't my submission hit the front page?

A few factors determine whether a submission will reach the front page. While we won't reveal all of them, some of the factors are the number of "Funny" ratings, the number of "Boring" ratings, the number of submissions within the past twenty four hours, and the age of the submission. Keep trying and eventually your story will make the front page.

Who made FlappyFail?

Two long-time friends, Joe & Jasmin, made FlappyFail so that they would be able to share their love of Flappy Bird!